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THE K!ing

Kling's our answer to boring walls and tedious hanging processes. The art hanging system consists of three parts  —Track, Line, and Hook— offering you combinations of solutions to suit  your style. Whether you're a creative nester, a dedicated hoarder, or a savvy gallery curator, 

we've got something you can Kling onto.



The backbone of Kling is the Track—drilled or mounted on your walls and ceilings. Named after unyielding mountains and civilisations, it's the only permanent fixture that effortlessly blends in so your art steals the show.

  • Batu: Our staple choice.

  • Derinkuyu: Perfect for curved or uneven walls.

  • Kailash: Designed for heavy-duty art.

  • Rinjani: Ideal for false ceilings or rental units.

In picture: Batu


The Line is the heart of Kling—strong and in full flow, connecting your art to the Track with full flexibility. Inspired by majestic waterfalls, choose between stainless steel for an industrial edge or perlon for an inconspicuous look.

  • Iguazu: Essential, low-key, supports 10kg.

  • Vuwa: Heavy-duty, only with Kailash track, up to 20kg.

  • Jog: Heavier-duty, only with Kailash track, up to 40kg.

  • Simba: Trackless single-hanger.


In picture: Iguazu



The Hook is the star of Kling—secure and versatile, it ensures your art stays perfectly in place. Enlightened by constellations, our hooks orbit around your needs, providing the perfect balance of style and stability.

  • Ara: Self-gripping, all-encompassing, up to 15kg.

  • Orion: Adjustable screw, up to 5kg.

  • Serpens: Effortless, only with perlon lines, up to 5kg.

  • Cygnus: Larger surface area, added stability, up to 5kg.

  • Stas Zipper Hook: Up to 15kg.


In picture (top to bottom): Ara, Orion, Serpens, Cygnus

How to Kling instructions


Mounting your track on the wall is the only installation you’ll ever need. Just a few holes, covered by the track that blends seamlessly with your wall.

  1. For a 1m track, drill 2 holes about 2cm from the ceiling, and about 40cm apart. 

  2. You may require more holes for longer tracks.

  3. Insert wall plugs if your wall is concrete.

  4. Secure locators onto the holes with screws.

  5. Mount the track onto the locators, gently tapping it with a hammer.

  6. Kling away!


Kling undergoes rigorous testing at Singapore Test Services. We weren't going to build a system that wouldn't protect your art.

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 5.50_edited.jpg

Pull load test results - till failure - to Kling comprising of Batu track, stainless steel Iguazu line, and Ara hook. 

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