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Curved wall? A rental? Lots of frames? Lots of heavy frames? We're confident there is a combination to Kling that suits your needs. Here's a quick 'What if...' guide we've prepared to give you confidence in your selection.


...I want the simplest solution.

Batu for your track. Iguazu line. Ara hook. They're our favourites - a simple combination for straightforward hanging needs.

...I have a curved or uneven wall.

Derinkuyu track is designed for walls that aren’t perfectly even, ensuring a firm hold. The Iguazu line and Cygnus hook add elegance and stability.

...I’m in a rental and can’t drill into walls.

Rinjani track mounts on the ceiling, avoiding wall damage. A quick putty job will cover the holes for the reinstatement of your rental unit.

...I have heavy frames to hang.

Kailash track supports up to 40 kg per metre. With the heavy-duty Vuwa line and Ara hook, you can confidently hang your heaviest artwork.

...I can't decide how long a track to get.

Honestly, we like tracking the entire length of the wall. It can be painted over to blend in with your walls, and opens you up to endless possibilities to configure your display.

...I don't know which Line material to go for.

Perlon offers an inconspicuous look, whilst the stainless steel finish exudes an industrial aesthetic. If you're worried about visibility, know that the lines are to be marvelled at too.

...I want a shorter Line.

We have either of 182cm or 300cm lines. While they may sound lengthy at first, you can easily coil them up and tuck them away behind the art.

...I want to hang other art - plants, tapestry, masks et cetera.

Don't let us stop you! Batu works perfectly as a track, as does the Iguazu line. Our various hooks cater to all sorts of pieces you'd like to hang.

...I would like a bigger installation - for a gallery or an institution.

There's no project too big for us! Fill in your details in our Contact Us and we're all ears!


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