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It's not revolutionary, and there will be glamorous competitors, but Kling's here to impress. It's our art hanging system—improved and made affordable. Let us guide you through what makes the system, the different variations, and why they're deserving of their names.


Tracks form the backbone of our art hanging system, providing the essential support needed to display your art beautifully and securely. Named after unyielding mountains and ancient civilisations, our tracks symbolise strength and permanence, much like the foundations they represent.

  • Batu: Named after the famous Batu Caves, this staple aluminium track is available in 2 or 3 meters and supports up to 20 kg per meter. It can be easily cut to your desired length or extended with our connectors, making it versatile and user-friendly.

  • Derinkuyu: Inspired by the ancient underground city, this robust track is ideal for uneven or curved walls. It ensures a firm hold with screws and comes with a plastic cover for a polished look, offering both functionality and aesthetics.

  • Kailash: Reflecting the strength of the sacred Mount Kailash, this heavy-duty track system supports up to 40 kg per meter, perfect for securing heavier art pieces with confidence and ease.

  • Rinjani: Inspired by the volcanic Mount Rinjani, this track is designed for ceiling mounting, making it ideal for rental units and false ceilings. It avoids wall drilling, providing a clean and unobtrusive look.


Our lines, named after breathtaking waterfalls, gracefully cascade from the tracks to your art. Just as waterfalls flow seamlessly and beautifully, our lines provide an elegant connection between the track and your displayed pieces.

  • Iguazu: Named after the magnificent Iguazu Falls, this essential line is available in stainless steel or perlon finishes. It attaches securely, stays hidden, and slides effortlessly, ensuring your art remains the focal point.

  • Vuwa: Inspired by the powerful Vuwa Falls, this heavy-duty line supports up to 20 kg and is compatible exclusively with the Kailash track. Available in stainless steel or perlon finishes, it provides strong support for heavier art pieces, ensuring stability and elegance.

  • Simba: Reflecting the elegance of the Simba Falls, this single-hanger solution features stainless steel and brass fittings for a sophisticated touch. Ideal for ceilings or wall mounting, it offers a sleek and stylish display option.

  • Jog: Mimicking Jog Falls, a strong and majestic waterfall in India, this line is our heaviest-duty of them all, supporting up to 40kg per Line. Compatible only with Kailash, this line comes with its own hook for maximum security.


Our hooks are named after constellations, symbolising how they orbit and securely hold your art. Just as constellations form intricate patterns in the sky, our hooks provide the perfect balance of style and stability for your displayed pieces.

  • Ara: This all-encompassing hook, named after the Ara constellation, features a self-gripping mechanism and supports up to 15 kg. Compatible with all lines, it is designed for heavier art pieces, ensuring they remain securely in place.

  • Orion: Inspired by the Orion constellation, this hook features an adjustable screw mechanism, supporting up to 5 kg. It ensures secure positioning and customisable tightness, offering flexibility and reliability.

  • Serpens: Named after the Serpens constellation, this self-gripping hook is designed for effortless hanging and supports up to 4 kg on perlon lines. It provides a secure and reliable option for lighter pieces.

  • Cygnus: Reflecting the elegance of the Cygnus constellation, this gallery hook is designed to prevent scratching and provide additional grip, supporting up to 5 kg. It ensures your art is displayed with both grace and stability.

Kling is not just about hanging art; it's about creating an experience. Our system allows you to transform your walls into a personal gallery with ease and affordability. Embrace the elegance and functionality of our Tracks, Lines, and Hooks, and let your walls become a work of art with Kling.


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