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Art hanging systems are becoming increasingly popular for good reason. Traditional methods like using nails are obtrusive, tedious, and permanent, but modern systems offer flexibility, ease, and elegance.

Nail Biting No More

Nails can be a hassle. They damage walls, are hard to remove, and leave permanent marks. Art hanging systems, like Kling, eliminate these issues. They provide a clean and professional way to display art without the mess and damage of traditional nails.

Your Art, Your Rules

In many public spaces, art is controlled and censored. With your own art hanging system, you have the freedom to curate and display your personal collection. You can be the master of your own showcase, expressing your unique style and taste without limitations.

Rentals Temporary, Style Permanent

Rentals are common, especially in cities like Singapore. Just because you’re in a temporary space doesn’t mean you have to suffer with boring walls. Kling’s ceiling-mounted tracks, like Rinjani, allow you to hang art without damaging walls. You can transform your rental into a personalised and vibrant space, making it truly feel like home.

Whether you’re tired of nails, want to control your own art showcase, or need to spruce up a rental, Kling’s art hanging solutions are the perfect choice. With Kling, every home can be a work of art.


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